Does SF4ST Support Public Transit?

Of course we do! San Franciscans for Sensible Transit are cheerleaders for public transit. We are a group of residents and community leaders who want more options of public transportation available to the all of us in the Richmond District. One of our top priorities is to save Geary Blvd. Bus Stops. We have saved 2 bus stops so far (Collins Street and Laguna) but MUNI planners are determined to cut service up to 30%.

Why Has SF4ST filed a lawsuit?

We filed a lawsuit because MUNI planners have refused to address the myriad safety and access shortfalls we have presented to them for the past 2 years. MUNI service cuts, safety risks and their massive construction plans unnecessarily harm the very people who depend on MUNI most. We filed a lawsuit as a last resort after having spent hundreds of hours collectively analyzing MUNI's own data to spotlight service cuts and injury risks and then presenting said finding to MUNI planners for assessment only to be ignored. If we had not filed the lawsuit when we did MUNI would have had free reign to continue ignoring the safety and access demands of the public.