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72 Questions for SFMTA Concerning GearyBRT Bus Stop Removals

The SFMTA has spent millions promoting BRT in San Francisco while fully knowing that it’s promised time savings for young commuters is built upon deep service cuts to Seniors and Disabled MUNI riders. The Agency has failed to report data projecting an increase in use of SF Paratransit as a result of the Bus Stop removals planned for GearyRapid and GearyBRT. The following 72 questions for SMTA Staff is designed to uncover the politics and money at stake that has motivated San Francisco’s Elected Officials to unanimously grant the SFMTA unprecedented authority to move GearyBRT forward, regardless of the negative impact upon Seniors and Disabled MUNI riders who depend upon their currently available MUNI Bus Stops to live independently with dignity.

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Emails show SFMTA knew of wrong steel purchase for Central Subway tracks

The City was aware contractors planned to purchase what officials now say was the wrong type of steel for the Central Subway’s tracks as far back as 2015, new documents obtained by the San Francisco Examiner suggest.

The revelation comes after transportation officials called for construction contractors to pull those tracks out and replace them, alleging the contractors purchased and installed the wrong type of steel. Emails obtained by the Examiner, however, show the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency had knowledge that the steel was ordered by contractors three years ago.

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Matter & Ross: Troubled SF Central Subway has a new problem: The boss quit

San Francisco’s $1.6 billion Central Subway project, already a year behind schedule, is facing a new challenge.

John Funghi, the Municipal Transportation Agency engineer who has overseen the big dig for 11 years, has been recruited to honcho Caltrain’s $1.9 billion conversion of its rail service from diesel to electric trains. He starts in February.

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