Pittsburgh PA and SF GearyBRT Bus Stop Removals Jeopardize Service for Seniors

For those who prioritize rolling out GearyBRT over the welfare of San Francisco's elderly and disabled, there's no need to read further. For those who care deeply about public transit as well as for seniors and the disabled to have equal dignity and unfettered use of public transit bus service, read on.

Pittsburgh PA’s BRT program is dealing right now with the same kinds of bus service cuts that I've been reporting about for over a year facing SF seniors on Geary Blvd. The service cuts in Pittsburgh also affect the most disenfranchised of riders as they will our community if GearyBRT continues upon its Bus Stop removal plan. Over the next few days, I'll present trusted, mainstream publications, as well as primary sources, to share with you the cost to our seniors and disabled, should GearyBRT be allowed to tear down our neighborhood bus stops as they plan. For those who claim that a 30% and up bus service cut is a fabrication for GearyBRT, you can see from this article that Pittsburgh requires a 40% service cut in order to get it's BRT rollout underway. Now that Pittsburgh is immediately facing the matter affecting its poorest population, take a read and see what transit riders are saying about the planned cuts to their service.

It takes a particularly callous individual to disregard the needs of our seniors and the disabled who rely upon their bus stops and MUNI service. If you plan on attending any of SFMTAs staged PR events regarding the removal of bus stops, you can reference issues brought up by those dealing with the matter first hand in Pittsburgh right now. I've included two important paragraphs from the article, "Bus Rapid Transit Plan Could Jeopardize Mon Valley Bus Service With No Clear Replacement" (via WESA 90.5 - Pittsburgh's NPR Station):

" While BRT will improve speed on some routes, the federal grant application outlined deep service cuts for a few specific routes. Riders on the 61 A, B and C routes would see an average of 43 percent less service. The 71 A, C and D would be cut by an average of 40 percent. The cuts would hit Rankin, Swissvale, Braddock, Duquesne and McKeesport, among others." "While the cuts were discussed in a series of public meetings held last year—after the grant application was submitted—the issue remains contentious. Many of the communities that could be affected by the proposed service reductions are majority African American communities and low-income communities who are more dependent on transit."

Here's the link to the full article: http://wesa.fm/post/bus-rapid-transit-plan-could-jeopardize-mon-valley-bus-service-no-clear-replacement#stream/0


There's lots more to report on the matter of GearyBRT's plans to shut down MUNI Bus Stops, including the single, out of state contractor, who will make millions of dollars as a direct result the bus stop removal. Stay tuned.

If you want a sensible and fair distribution of SFMTA resources that doesn't include service cuts for seniors and the disabled, view the lawsuit filed by San Franciscans for Sensible Transit (www.SF4ST.org) and consider a contribution.