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Defending Transit Safety and Access
for All

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What do we want? Safety, Bus Stops and a Subway.

MUNI Planners are moving forward with a short-sighted plan that offers few benefits while causing grave danger to our residents. As a result, our group has filed a lawsuit against MUNI because their planners are ignoring seniors, children and disabled San Franciscans. 


  • No More Bus Stop Removals
  • Stop Ignoring Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Risks
  • Bring BART or MUNI Underground to Geary Blvd

SF for Sensible Transit is a Pro-Transit Group that has challenged MUNI Planners to deliver smarter solutions to the City's highest density transit corridor. The idea that Chinatown gets a subway but the Richmond remains cut off from the rest of the city shows an unfair distribution of transportation resources. The people of the Richmond overwhelmingly want to see BART service come to the Richmond District. SFST demands that MUNI planners explore creative ways to make this happen.



MUNI'S GearyBRT project endangers pedestrians

MUNI Planners have ignored public outcry for over ten years with regards to their proposed exclusive Red Bus Only Zones planned through Geary Blvd. The organization has marginalized community leaders and residents protesting flagrant pedestrians safety dangers raised from the Red Bus Only Lanes in the Mission District.

Rather than make reasonable modifications to the proposed plan, MUNI planners have chosen to spend millions on slick PR firms to fool the public into thinking there is wide-spread approval rather than risk their $300,000,000 construction budget. 


MUNI planners  to cut 30% of bus stops


Removing Bus Stops - The secret to MUNI's Red Carpet success

Seniors & Kids forced to walk 3 blocks farther


MUNI planners are using Bernie Madoff Math 

MUNI planners have misled Richmond District residents that having a 24Hr Red Bus Only Lane will speed transit for transit riders by over 20 minutes. Their dirty secret is that achieving their speed claim requires a 30% service cut to Seniors, children and the disabled, requiring them to walk up to 3 blocks further from their existing stops to catch the bus. For fragile seniors and young children, this causes both physical and safety challenges.

Shockingly, MTA Staff has reported that as of 2017, no further increase of speed is likely to be achieved, making the 3-5 year, $300,000,000 project as unnecessary as it is dangerous. Why must the MTA destroy San Francisco's main transit corridor as well as put it's residents and visitors in danger? Our lawsuit intends to block the MTA from harming our fellow Richmond residents from a poorly conceived and deceptive campaign.